Yokohama National University Global COE Program Innovative Integration between Medicine and Engineering Based on Information Communications Technology


We aim to develop the world°«s highest-level scientists, engineers and doctors who will lead the way to the fusion of medical and engineering technologies, and innovate °»Medical ICT°…. The following are the key strengths of education at this Base.

Double resident system: Doctoral students receive supervision at multiple research groups, thereby learning different methodologies and acquiring multi-disciplinary skills.
PED Graduate school education system: The studio for the practitioner education is set up in special modules, and students are able to take more than one module. This will be the very first time for such a system to be implemented in Japan.
International internship: Programme for building career paths and finding employment in organizations abroad, upon completion of the doctoral degree.
Pairing system: Joint, collaborative research between students from different specialized fields, with financial support from the Base.
Double degree: Excellent students can acquire efficiently doctoral degrees in both medicine and engineering.


We will research on information, communication and the Body Area Network (BAN) devices, as core technologies for the innovation of Medical ICT – the unification of medical treatment and telecommunications. We aim to achieve technologies in the following categories: those that are internal to the human body (Implant BAN); those that surround the human body (Wearable BAN); and those that integrate with networks (°»Ubiquitous Medical°…)
The research will be classified into three phases that progress systematically from fundamental research to applications-based research:.
(1) BAN Core: Research on fundamental theories and technologies
(2) BAN Peripheral: Research on theories and technologies that unite medicine and telecommunications
(3) BAN Application: Applied research, clinical introduction, ethics verification, and industrialization of new medical systems and services

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