Yokohama National University Global COE Program Innovative Integration between Medicine and Engineering Based on Information Communications Technology

Organization & Members

Yokohama National University is taking a leading part in this project, and will collaborate with Yokohama City University, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and University of Oulu. We will educate on and research into the area that unite information, devices, mechanical, the living body, and medical treatment. These activities will involve coordinated exchange of human resources, encourage joint research, and standardization and legislating by a consortium of Industry, universities, and government. The project aims to form a global base where education, research, management, ethics, and business are harmonized.

LeaderRyuji Kono (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Medical ICT, Standardization of BAN
Vice-leaderAtsuo Kawamura (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Medical actuator
Vice-leaderNobuyuki Yoshikawa (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Super-conducting sensor device
OfficerHiroyuki Arai (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Analysis and measures of Medical EMC
OfficerToshihiko Baba (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Photonic crystal sensor device
OfficerYasushi Takemura (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Hyperthermia
OfficerTomoki Hamagami (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Information processing of medical welfare
OfficerTadashi Shiomi (Professor, NICT)Researching and legislating of MICT
OfficerTomoharu Nagao (Professor, Environment and Information, YNU)Medical imaging
OfficerShin Morishita (Professor, Environment and Information, YNU)Biomechanics, cellular automata
OfficerTomio Inoue (Professor, Medicine, YCU)Imaging and clinical trial
MemberToshiro Ogino (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Nano biosensor device
MemberYasuo Kokubun (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Medical optical electronics
MemberHideki Ochiai (Associate Professor, Engineering, YNU)Medical communication method, protocol
MemberHiroshi Fujimoto (Associate Professor, Engineering, YNU)Medical robot control, biosensor
MemberMasatoshi Watanabe (Professor, Engineering, YNU)Carcinogenesis pathology, biotechnology process
MemberShoji Maruo (Associate Professor, Engineering, YNU)Micronano machine in the body, biochip
MemberTsutomu Matsumoto (Professor, Environment and Information, YNU)Medical information security, personal authentication
MemberTakahisa Goto (Professor, Medicine, YCU)Anesthetizing network, ubiquitous medical treatment
MemberTomoyuki Saito (Professor, Medicine, YCU)Integrated medicine sensor, module
MemberAkinobu Nemoto (Associate Professor, Medicine, YCU)Medical information, rehabilitation
MemberYasushi Ichikawa (Associate Professor, Medicine, YCU)Electronic medical record, nosocominal network
MemberShingo Ohmori (Director, NICT & Professor, YNU)Satellite telemedicine network
Memberペンティレッパネン (Professor, Engineering, Oulu Univ. Finland)Medical ICT high-reliability system

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