Yokohama National University Global COE Program Innovative Integration between Medicine and Engineering Based on Information Communications Technology

Program Outline

With the rapid aging of the national population, advanced countries face many serious social problems. One of these is the medical issue, such as shortage of health care workers and facilities, medical malpractice, rising medical costs, and regional disparities. There is an urgent necessity to develop capable scientists, engineers and doctors who are well versed in both medical treatment and engineering. At this Base, we will educate and research the new field of "Medical ICT" which aims to fuse the world's most advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) with high-tech health care. The core technology is assumed to be telecommunication that integrates with the human body, "Body area network” (BAN). The project will try to elegantly integrate five technical fields: information, device, mechanism, the living body, and medical treatment.
Specifically, we aim to form a comprehensive environment that integrates:

  • Medical systems that control sensors and actuators that are placed both inside and outside the human body, linked through the BAN
  • Effective medical diagnosis through data sharing, processing and analysis, using ground and satellite-based network infrastructures
  • Prediction and prevention of disease
  • Continuous medical care including drug delivery
  • Ubiquitous systems.
    We will also prepare medical affairs, drug legislation, Radio Law and the standardization of technology that will make possible the environment described above.

By focusing on innovations in a new area that fuses medical and engineering sciences, we believe that these efforts will lead to significant improvements in both the quality and efficiency of medical treatment and education.

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